'It's embarrassing as f***'- Ntsiki has the TL in a mess with Somizi weave shade

06 April 2021 - 13:00
Ntsiki Mazwai: Back at it again with those shady comments!
Ntsiki Mazwai: Back at it again with those shady comments!
Image: Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai

Poet Ntsiki had the internet up in arms again over her thoughts on local celebs, and this time she came for Somizi's weaves.

It all began after the star declared that the Idols SA judge's hairpieces are “embarrassing”. 

“Don't get me started with Somizi's weaves ... It's embarrassing as f***" wrote Ntsiki.

After a tweep claimed the star's remarks were homophobic, Ntsiki said her criticism had nothing to do with sexuality.

“You can think Somizi is a buffoon without being homophobic,” she tweeted.

The musician went on to explain her thoughts on weaves vs braids, again throwing shade at Somizi.

“If you knew black history more you would know braids are African ... But your role models are abo Somizi so I understand the dumbing down,” she tweeted.

Though Somizi has not commented on Ntsiki's jabs, Twitter did their usual job by throwing their own 2c worth in.

Check out some of the comments below:

During the production of her album Mature in 2018, the star said that she wouldn't allow weaves in her music videos.

“Celebrating women being their natural selves will do more for the African child than anything else. We need to stop people aspiring to wear weaves and aspire to wear their hair naturally. These themes, and themes of black consciousness and love, come through in the album.” said Ntsiki.