‘ANC leadership is a fallacy’ - Thandiswa Mazwai takes aim at ruling party

07 April 2021 - 15:00
Thandiswa has aired her thoughts about the ANC government.
Thandiswa has aired her thoughts about the ANC government.
Image: Instagram/Thandiswa Mazwai

Musician Thandiswa Mazwai has criticised the ANC’s leadership over the 27 years they have been in power, saying it was a shame for those who thought the party could bring change.

Taking to Twitter, the star shared her thoughts and analysis of the ANC since the party came into government in 1994.

“What a shame for the suffering masses who thought a black government would bring liberation from the shackles of colonisation and apartheid. Sies ANC!” she wrote.

Thandiswa also reflected on her 2003 hit Zabalaza, claiming that even after 10 years of democracy she could see little change.

“ANC leadership is a fallacy. You cannot follow the lead of that ship! It’s taking you deeper into despair,” she said.

The star said she was raised in a household that supported the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), shaping her political views and thoughts on the ANC.

“I grew up in a PAC home so I know what those liberals always wanted. A seat at the master’s table which was always going to be at our expense,” she wrote.

The star often takes to social media to air her views on SA’s politics.

Earlier this year, the star raised her concerns for SA artists during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

The musician recounted how European countries were assisting some SA jazz musicians with Covid-19 relief funds, and took a jab at the SA government for not caring enough about artists.

“Imagine another government doing for us what home [SA] should do, instead of looting,” she wrote.