IN MEMES | ‘The River’ fans can’t believe what a snake Cobra is!

The guy sure is living up to his name

07 April 2021 - 18:00
Presley Chweneyagae plays the role of Cobra in 'The River'.
Presley Chweneyagae plays the role of Cobra in 'The River'.
Image: Supplied/ 1Magic

The River’s Cobra has proved there’s no such thing as “honour among thieves” after he stole the stolen money to use for his selfish desires.

Viewers of the popular telenovela have been losing their minds watching Cobra, played by Presley Chweneyagae, indulge in luxury living with money he, Mabutho and Khabzela stole to help their poverty-stricken community.

Never one for charitable deeds in the first place, the selfish Cobra went back to the secret location where they had buried the money they took during a recent bank robbery, with the sole intention of using it to live his best life,

Fans were also angry that even after stealing the money for himself Cobra didn’t help his own family, instead calling his old friends to chow the money with them.

So Cobra left the family with no money, no food, no house and in debt to go blow two bar with friends? Thuso will never be successful in life,” one tweep said.

“Cobra is so immature and selfish,” said another.

“Thuso Cobra Mokoena is so selfish. He took the cash that was supposed to help people and is going to eat it with his friends. Sies!” another viewer tweeted.

Fans of The River are waiting in anticipation for Mabutho and Khabzela to find out how Cobra has betrayed them and take action against him. Most are hoping Cobra catches hands from Mabutho at the very least.

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