‘We had a rocky patch and now we’re out the other side’ — Siya Kolisi on his relationship with Rachel

07 April 2021 - 09:15
By jessica levitt AND Jessica Levitt
Rachel and Siya Kolisi got real about their tough times.
Image: Instagram/Siya Kolisi Rachel and Siya Kolisi got real about their tough times.

Springbok captain Siya Kolisi and his businesswoman wife Rachel have never shied away from exposing parts of their relationship on social media - the pranks, the dancing and their passion - to help and educate others.

But like most things on social media, what the public sees is just a glimpse of real life, and probably the most glamorous parts.

In an interview with Clicks, the couple spoke about overcoming hurdles in their relationship and coming out stronger on the other side.

Rachel said she refused to be known as a sport star’s wife and hated to be boxed by her husband’s fame.

“For all the generations of women coming after me, I want to show there’s a different way. You can create your own name and brand.” 

Being adaptable and breaking stereotypes was a learning curve for both of them.

Siya explained how he had to learn to support his wife: “I grew up in a home where men go out to get the money and women stay home to cook and clean. I’ve had to realise my wife and I are equals. At the beginning I said Rachel would take the children and I’d come home from training and put my feet up in front of the TV, but I had to remember I’m still a father and husband and my children and partner need my attention when I’m home.”

He admitted they went through a rough patch in their relationship.

“We had a rocky patch and fought a lot but it’s been so worth it now that we’re out the other side. We’re not competitive. It’s more about supporting one another.”

Beyond the thousands of Instagram followers, they are a couple trying to navigate their reality while still remaining true to their values and trying to lift each other up at the same time.