Rasta shakes the TL with portrait of Dr Sindi Van Zyl

16 April 2021 - 18:00
Rasta 'honoured' Dr Sindi with a painting, but tweeps were not thrilled about it.
Rasta 'honoured' Dr Sindi with a painting, but tweeps were not thrilled about it.
Image: Twitter/Rasta

Painter Rasta has rubbed salt in the wounds of many of Dr Sindi van Zyl's fans after he honoured the late Dr with a painting that many felt did not resemble the people's doctor at all.

Dr Sindi died on Saturday after a struggle with Covid-19. The 45-year-old medical doctor and mother spent two months in hospital.

Tweeps were hopeful that Rasta would sit out drawing their beloved Dr Sindi but there was no such luck and they were disappointed to find that Rasta was just saving the reveal for the day of her funeral service. 

Social media users were far from impressed and filled the TL with complaints about Rasta's paintings, with many realising there was not much they could do except complain. 

This Rasta is becoming useless, this guy clearly knows how to draw. We saw it with King Zweli, why can't he do the same with Dr Sindi? asked one tweep.

“Rasta needs to be stopped. That painting of Dr Sindi is utterly disrespectful,” added another.

“Rasta finished things off with a dress for Sindi ... the disrespect,” added another tweep who noticed that Rasta also wore a #DressForDrSindi with bold colours and pockets.

Here are some of their tweets expressing just how disrespected Rasta's “art” left them feeling.