Bridget Masinga drops pearls of wisdom

17 April 2021 - 16:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Bridget Masinga has some wise words for her followers.
Image: Bridget Masinga's Instagram Bridget Masinga has some wise words for her followers.

As dozens took to social media this week to shine a light on mental health, actress and radio personality Bridget Masinga has urged her followers to love and prioritise themselves.

Some of SA’s most famous faces joined the discussions on social media, sharing their battles with anxiety and depression.

Taking to Instagram, Bridget posted a snap of herself, alongside the reminder: “Worry less about who loves you, and more about whether you love you.”

On Twitter, she shared how people were struggling but put on a happy face for social media.

“The saddest thought is that our kids will look back at our Insta’s and believe we were so happy, so content and so perfect,” she mused.

Bridget has been candid about her struggles with mental health in the past, especially after the heartbreak of losing two unborn babies in the space of 10 months several years ago.

Reflecting on the emotional journey she went through, she encouraged women in similar circumstances to not lose faith.

Her latest message of encouragement echoes that of musician Brenda Mtambo, who told fans to “choose yourself. Choose you always. It gets lonely, I know, but choose you!”

Brenda opened up about her struggles this week, revealing that she had been “surviving” on chronic medication for anxiety for over a year, and was now was taking back her life.

“This is me coming back to myself, as I have forgotten who I was and honestly I wasn't functioning well mentally for some time now. This is me pouring my heart to therapy and claiming my life again. Mental health is a real thing.

“I know I have to survive this and get well for myself and also my kids. I decided to name my upcoming album Sane, as a reminder that I am well. That all is well, that I can come out of this pit and live and be happy again,” she wrote.