Rami Chuene says Dr Sindi Van Zyl’s advice will continue to help fans posthumously

25 April 2021 - 10:00
Rami Chuene said Dr Sindi Van Zyl's advice is still available to fans.
Rami Chuene said Dr Sindi Van Zyl's advice is still available to fans.
Image: Instagram/Rami Chuene

Actress Rami Chuene believes the late Dr Sindi Van Zyl's Twitter page should remain open to continue empowering those who drew on her strength and wisdom over the years.

After the devastating loss of the “Duchess of Healing”, the internet has fondly remembered the people's doctor and radio personality.  However, some users have called for her social media accounts to now be closed.

Catching wind of the conversation, Rami took to Twitter to explain why the account should remain available to the public. 

"There’s a reason why Dr Sindi’s account is still open. I personally appreciate it because it’s more than a Twitter account," said Rami.

The Isono star reminded fans of all the valuable information Dr Sindi shared, and said people should continue to have access to the advice she gave during her lifetime. 

"In there are many threads that have helped and will continue to help many. All of that wisdom there to help you, for free. Treat it like a reference book if you want," said Rami.

On April 10, the Van Zyl family announced the passing of Dr Sindi. She had been admitted to hospital for weeks after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

Tributes poured in for the well-loved medical practitioner, including from Rami.

Taking to Twitter, the star mourned the loss and reminded fans of her impact. 

"Dr Sindi did everything with love for people, even those she didn’t know or never met. With an open heart and mind, she just wanted to see if the world would really change and boy, did she change it! She lived. She was here. We’re blessed to have experienced her," said Rami in her tribute.