K.O says ‘black tax’ also affects non-family relationships

28 April 2021 - 08:00
K.O believes 'black tax' affects more than just the family unit.
K.O believes 'black tax' affects more than just the family unit.
Image: Via Instagram

Musician and Lucky Star hitmaker K.O. has described  “black tax” as a “cancer” that also extends to relationships outside of family. 

“Black tax” is the term given to the pressure young black people experience to share their income or take care of struggling family members. 

“Black tax is not only a cancer in our black family system. Can we also talk about the black tax we are subjected (to) in some of our friendships/relationships? Equally burdensome,” said K.O.

Many of his fans weighed in, sharing their thoughts on the concept of “black tax”.

Here are some of their opinions and analysis:

K.O often uses his platform to speak out against issues affecting the SA community at large. As the country waits for the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, last year the star encouraged others to be patient and wait for the arrival of the vaccines. 

He also said he has no time for conspiracy theorists, adding since his livelihood requires him to be in public spaces, he wants the comfort of knowing he will be safe when performing.

“The vaccine in SA is only arriving in the second quarter of 2021, as per the president. I’m pro the internationally approved Covid-19 vaccine. Miss me with the theories. My livelihood is outside and I wanna get to it without being paranoid,”