'You're right but some humility wouldn’t hurt' — Stogie T's advice for fans who 'argue' with artists

09 May 2021 - 14:00 By deepika naidoo
Stogie T has some advice for those critical of artists.
Stogie T has some advice for those critical of artists.
Image: Via Tumi's Instagram

Rapper Tumi “Stogie T” Molekane has taken aim at fans who debate with artists over their music, saying that don't know the full story behind their art.

Taking to Twitter, the star had some thoughts on how fans come for artists when they disagree with their work. Stogie reminded fans that even though they may have arguments, they should remember the creative process artists go through to create their masterpieces.

Even if they are right, there should be some humility in their criticisms.

“Every time you argue with an artist about their work, which is your right as a consumer, try to remember that there is a big chunk of the process that is blind to you when you can only see the finished product. Again, you're right but some humility wouldn’t hurt,” said Stogie.

The star often weighs in on the music world with some pearls of wisdom.

Earlier this year, he advised rappers not to be “lazy” with their work and trust the process when it comes to writing music. 

“Don’t be lazy. If the line or verse doesn’t feel right, rewrite it, rethink it. Trust that there is a better line in you. That trust is called confidence.” said Stogie. 

“Don’t settle for the half-thought line or the semi-dope line. Finish it.” 

The advice is part of his Verse A Day series, which is aimed at dropping nuggets of wisdom on the socials for young talent to learn from.

“If you start today, you can write a verse a day. It doesn’t have to be a special verse or nothing, just write. Also, this applies for any disciple who isn’t MCing,” he told fans on New Year's Day.