Ten emotional & heartfelt Mother’s Day tributes from Mzansi celebs

10 May 2021 - 10:30 By chrizelda kekana
Theo Kgosinkwe went all out for his wife Vourne for her first Mother's Day as a first-time mom.
Theo Kgosinkwe went all out for his wife Vourne for her first Mother's Day as a first-time mom.
Image: Theo Kgosinkwe's Instagram

Mother's Day has come and gone but all the warmth, love and light that filled the social media streets still has fans in their feels.

As people celebrated their mothers, our local celebs also took to social media to show off and appreciate their mothers.

Here are some posts from your faves:

Theo Kgosinkwe

Theo pulled out every stop that exists to honour his wife on what was her first Mother's Day. Vourne was moved to tears at how extravagant Theo made her celebration.


Shimza went big this year as he celebrated his mother alongside the mothers of his staff.


The Micasa frontman celebrated his wifey by exposing her “shower voice” as he celebrated her for all that she is to him.

Zenande Mfenyana

First-time mom Zenande got uber emotional on Mother's Day saying she was glad to be celebrating the day because at some point she thought her chance would never come.

To think that there was a time I thought the love bus had left me soaked and alone at the bus stop, that I’d never find true love or be somebody’s Mama ... but mercy said NO! Just look at God now! My life is everything with these 2 people in my life. Happy 1st Mother’s Day to me,” she said on Twitter.

Thembi Seete

The grateful Gomora actress opened up for the first time about her pregnancy journey while she was carrying Dakalo.


LootLove, who has had a hard year after losing her brother, thanked her mommy, whom she said is her pillar, and thanked her babies for choosing her to be their mommy.

Black Coffee

The international deejay captioned a candid snap of his mother cutting his nails, with “Love to all mothers”.

Lady Zamar

After wishing all mother's a pleasant day, Lady Zamar reminded people to be kind to all other women who wish to be mothers but are not and all those who have lost their mothers.

Pearl Modiadie

Pearl gifted herself with a beautiful gift and celebrated herself, saying the day is no longer a reminder of what she's lost but one of what she is blessed with in life.

Muvhango mothers #VhoMeeVhaMuvhango

As they were being celebrated, elder Muvhango actresses who play Makhadzi, Mukondeleli and Masindi took a different approach to the day and penned heartfelt letters to the youth to remind them to remain hopeful.