Cassper responds to suggestions of a Big Xhosa boxing match, calls him a 'clout-seeker'

25 May 2021 - 16:11
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper cassper has been itching to get his hands inside boxing gloves with someone and it seems like it might happen.
Image: Instagram/Cassper Nyovest Rapper cassper has been itching to get his hands inside boxing gloves with someone and it seems like it might happen.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest has been trending for most of Tuesday after his idea for a celebrity boxing match caused a tizz on the TL with fans suggesting the first match be against newcomer Big Xhosa.  

It seems like the boxing bug has stayed with Cassper since his fight against rival AKA didn't see the light of day. 

The star, who has became an avid follower of the sport, took to his Twitter to share his observations that celebrity boxing matches were a big deal in the States and around the world.

Cass went on to explain that in addition to the entertainment value such matches hold, making celebrities fight it out in the ring would also be a way for entertainers to make money.

“Celebrity boxing is sooo big in the States, I think we could make decent money in Africa with it too. It could also boost boxing on the continent. Who do you think would make a great boxing fight?” he tweeted.

The rapper asked his followers who would make a good boxing match opponent and a few popular names came up.

A few tweeps brought up Big Xhosa vs Emtee. This after the two rappers got into a twar, which was a direct result of Big Xhosa's diss track. 

Big Xhosa held nothing back in the diss track where he came for Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, A-Reece and Shane Eagle, to name a few. 

Seeing the suggested pair up, Cassper asked tweeps not to disrespect Emtee as Big Xhosa was not a celeb. Big Xhosa caught wind of Cassper's tweet as well as feelings and took to his TL to tell the rapper that he’d knock him out.

uM**nu wobu celebrity! Someone tell Cassper anga**a kum, I'd knock him or Emtee out on the first round,” tweeted Big Xhosa.

To which Casper replied, “Mfanaka , nkao Roba roba (I'll break you) I won't even lie to you. Don't do this, I know you want clout Mara tswada (but don't do this). It's not gonna end well.”

Big Xhosa defended himself against the “clout-seeker” comment made by Cassper, saying he was minding his business before Cassper dragged him into his “celeb boxing match” topic.

Cassper then put his comment into context and went on to say he was serious about the fight before offering Big Xhosa a chance to fight him in the ring once more.

“I said you're not a celebrity. You started swearing at me and saying you will knock me out. Now, let's get to the point, do you mean your words or were you just tryna get clout? You wanna step in the ring or not? I will make you a celebrity overnight!!!”

Responding to the offer to get in the ring, Xhosa claimed that he’d knock Cassper out in the first round and Cassper asked him to set the date.

Fans are hopeful the twar might help make an actual boxing match materialise ... hopefully this pair won't end up where Cassper and AKA's much hyped match ended ... nowhere!

Meanwhile, other names have been brought forward and it seems that Prince Kaybee may be interested in being Cassper's opponent in the ring.