Lesego Tlhabi says it’s difficult to say you don’t want children on a date, tweeps weigh in

09 June 2021 - 08:00
Lesego 'Coconut Kelz' Tlhabi shared her thoughts about having children.
Lesego 'Coconut Kelz' Tlhabi shared her thoughts about having children.
Image: Supplied/DStv Now

Media personality Lesego Thlabi says she finds it difficult to mention she doesn’t want children on a date with a potential bae, often leading to awkward conversations about being a parent.

Taking to Twitter, Trending SA host Lesego said while on a date or romantic rendezvous with a partner, it isn’t easy to let her partner know she does not want children. She said it often leads to her dates trying to convince her that she may want to be a mother one day, leaving her uncomfortable.

“I find it quite difficult to bring up that I don’t want children in a romantic setting. The disappointment is always so weird and then the attempt at convincing me I’ll change my mind and I’m left sitting there like (gritting teeth emojis).

“It is hard to bring up to a man I’m getting to know in a romantic way that I have no interest in having children,” Lesego wrote. 

This led to a discussion on Twitter about women who choose not to have children.

Many agreed, saying trying to convince a woman of her autonomous rights is uncalled for on a date. Some shared their own experiences about being convinced to become mother, saying their womanhood was questioned. 

Check out their reactions below:

More than just a comedian, Lesego also uses her platforms to discuss social justice issues.

A few months ago, the star opened up about rape culture, lambasting men for being apathetic towards issues of gender-based violence.  

“So what I learnt today is that men aren’t ignorant. It’s not because they don’t know or aren’t sure what constitutes rape or not. It’s because they genuinely don’t care.”

“They know the system is broken and they’ll get away with it. And they’ll all come together in defence,” she said.