Fana Mokoena on lockdown devastation: This has hit artists the hardest

29 June 2021 - 10:30
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Fana Mokoena says the lockdown restrictions will hit the entertainment industry hard.
Image: LUCKY MORAJANE Fana Mokoena says the lockdown restrictions will hit the entertainment industry hard.

Former Generations actor Fana Mokoena has added his voice to concerns about the effect lockdown level 4 will have on the entertainment industry, claiming it will hit artists the hardest.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday all social events, whether indoors or outdoors, are prohibited for 14 days. There is also a ban on the sale of alcohol for on-site and off-site consumption, and restaurants are closed for sit-ins.

The former EFF MP took to social media on Monday to weigh in on the debate around the lockdown regulations, saying the banning of gatherings will devastate the entertainment industry.

“It must be registered that the creative economy has suffered the most and the longest under lockdown restrictions,” he claimed.

He said artists largely rely on gatherings to make a livelihood.

“Artists in one way or another rely on numbers of people, whether in live events, tourism etc. This has hit artists the most.”

Fana also hit back at suggestions that creatives should have a side hustle in another sector because the “entertainment industry is not a guarantee for better life”.

He earlier told followers the country had done its best to adhere to lockdown measures at first but the government “took advantage of people's patience”.

Lockdowns keep prolonging and people are suffering,” he added.

Attempts by TshisaLIVE to get further comment from Fana on his statements were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this story. Any comment will be included once received.

Fana is not the only star to speak out on the lockdown restrictions. Rapper Cassper Nyovest also predicted it would end many careers and livelihoods.

“We are doomed. Finished! Done! Y'all stay safe out there. I hope we make it out alive at least because our livelihoods are officially gone,” Cassper said.