Here’s why 'Limpopo’s finest' King Monada and Makhadzi were trending!

It has everything to do with good vibes and unreleased music that sound amazing

29 June 2021 - 11:00 By chrizelda kekana
Mzansi is excited that Makhadzi and King Monada are working on a song together.
Mzansi is excited that Makhadzi and King Monada are working on a song together.
Image: Instagram x Makhadzi SA and Instagram x King Monada

The Twitter streets quickly became chaotic when a video of Limpopo-born musicians King Monada and Makhadzi made its way to the TL showing that the hitmakers are gearing up to give Mzansi a banging collaboration.

Both Makhadzi and King Monada have cemented their names as musicians in Mzansi and both have impressive catalogues of songs that have been the reasons South Africans burn up the dance floor.

So when a clip of the two of them in the studio showed up on the TL, there was no stopping tweeps from getting excited. Even though the clip only gave the pair's fans a snippet of what is to come there was no denying that Mzansi cannot wait to hear the full song.

Makhadzi worked with both King Monada and Prince Benza on the upcoming song, the working title of which is Ghanama. Tweeps already want the two to not only collaborate on a song but also make a joint album.

Here's a short snippet from the clip below:

For those who may need a reminder, King Monada gave SA Ska bora Moreki and Idibala. While Makhadzi has a lot of hits including Matorokisi and Red Card.

Here are some of the reactions from tweeps:

The stars have also grown their brands over time and while Makhadzi has been making waves internationally, Monada has  — over the last few months — shown SA that he has a “comical” side to him when he challenged rapper Big Zulu to a fight thanks to TL talk of #CelebrityBoxing.

If you haven't been keeping up to date with all the potential boxing matchups in the #CelebrityBoxing indaba, over the past week fans have been eagerly anticipating what might happen in a throwdown between Imali Eningi hitmaker Big Zulu and musician Monada.

After Monada declared the challenge on social media, many were wondering if the fight would actually happen. And luckily for the fans who like to see the drama unfold, dreams came true and the match was on its way to entertain internet users.

Taking to Twitter with a video of the “fight”, King Monada is seen entering Big Zulu's gym (where he trains) wearing a pair of boxing gloves. However, before anything could happen, the star was held back from “unleashing” his wrath while Big Zulu watched him.