FULL STORY | King Monada and Makhadzi fight over ‘Ghanama’ song

30 June 2021 - 16:42
By Chrizelda Kekana and Deepika Naidoo
Their supposed beef has come to light on the TL after Makhadzi took to Facebook to reveal alleged mistreatment.
Image: Instagram/Makhadzi x King Monada Their supposed beef has come to light on the TL after Makhadzi took to Facebook to reveal alleged mistreatment.

Musicians King Monada and Makhadzi have left their joint fans confused, as it appears that just days after teasing their new song together, the pair are now in a full-on war over the ownership of the unreleased song Ghanama, which features artist Prince Benza.

The trio teased the song on social media to a great reception by Mzansi. However, even before it could officially be released and hit streaming platforms, the artists were already exchanging insults in heated in arguments over the ownership of the song.

This was a very different mood from the one Mzansi witnessed in footage of the pair in studio that went viral earlier this week. 

Social media was partially responsible, it seems, as it was alleged that it was people crediting Monada with ownership of the song that left a bitter taste with Makhadzi.

Seemingly wanting to clarify, Makhadzi made it known that the song belonged to both of them as opposed to her being a featured artist on Monada's hit.

However, Monada held a different view. King Monada thought Makhadzi was “making it up” to him for past failed projects with the song  and therefore took it as a feature. 

Addressing the supposed disrespect, King Monada took to Facebook Live video to talk about the song and how he was not pleased with Makhadzi crediting him as a feature. According to him, Ghanama belongs to him.

The Idibala hitmaker added that the vibe in studio was great when they worked but he believed that Makhadzi was later influenced by “certain people” to claim the song as her own and Monada as a feature artist.

Listen to Monada's side below:

Responding with a Facebook Live, Makhadzi claimed that she was the one who wrote the song and she was poorly treated by King Monada and his team. 

“How are you owning a song if you didn't compose the song? You didn't come up with a melody, the only thing you did was put a verse,” she said.

“Mind you, I am the one who wrote it and everything on it but I will just see the song on YouTube? You get my point. So by that time I didn't say anything, I kept quiet. Even the recording sessions, they were very much bad. They used to treat me like a dog. I used to go to his studio and skip exams because of him.

“I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted to be here where I am today. Now that I am here today, I will never allow anyone to come and use my talents like a chappies,” said Makhadzi.

Listen to Makhadzi say her piece below:

Speaking to TshisaLIVE on behalf of King Monada, manager Makwela Makwela said he was unaware of the alleged mistreatment, as Makhadzi is family.

Makwela also said Makhadzi's record label Open Mic has been approached to iron out the details over the song's ownership.

“Makhadzi is like our family child, you know. King Monada and Makhadzi are very, very close. The unfortunate part is that we thought we would do something together. What clearly came out of the cupboard was about the rights of the song. I could see she was emotional talking about King Monada treating her like a dog. We didn't understand when it was announced because we were family for all those years. She never raised anything while in studio but now I am trying to bring peace between them.” 

When approached for comment, Makhadzi's manager Brenden Maseko said he was unable to reach Makhadzi as it was her birthday and that he would revert in due course with a statement.

Meanwhile, on social media many weighed in on the tussle over ownership of Ghanama, with tweeps picking their side on the story.

However, many were hoping that the pair would put their differences aside and come together to make Limpopo proud.

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