Toya Delazy believes her existence ‘triggers’ hate because she’s royalty

06 July 2021 - 08:00 By deepika naidoo
The musician isn't letting the haters bring her down!
The musician isn't letting the haters bring her down!
Image: Instagram/Toya de Lazy

Singer Toya DeLazy recently received proof that social media can be a nasty place when she posted a Twitter poll asking tweeps if they thought she was still relevant or was nothing but a has-been, and 80% of tweeps felt she’s fallen off.

The star posted the poll on her Twitter TL to see how fans feel about her relevance on the Mzansi music scene. She asked fans if she had “fallen off” her chart-topping career or emains at the top of her game.

Nearly 30k votes were cast and 80% who responded agreed Toya “fell off”.

The poll remains open and most Twitter believe the star has been knocked from her pedestal.

Some tweeps took to the reply section of the poll to leave their reviews and thoughts.

However, Toya didn’t take the comments lying down and clapped back. One user questioned her relevance, saying anyone can make music. Toya hit back by plugging her latest music.

Speaking to ThisaLIVE about the hate she received online, Toya hit back at the haters but said she isn’t bothered by their opinions. 

The artist said she suspected the hate had nothing to do with her music and everything to with the fact that she has royal blood as the great-granddaughter of Princess Magogo of the Zulu nation.

“They have a lot to say about someone who has fallen off. I’m too happy. My new album has been making waves globally, we're on Altar, Complex, BBC Radio 1 . I’m not sure why my existence triggers them so much. Because I’m a black queen woman? Because I was born a royal? IRL (in real life) you stay away from people you hate, but online people get obsessed,” she said. 

The star also took to Twitter with an open letter to her fans about the situation,

“It’s shocking how my mere presence triggers so many people. My mere existence, my choices. Then I wonder ‘Why do I count If I am so lame’. Nenzani ekhaya? (What are you doing at home?”

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