'He can't fake caring any more' - Amanda Black slams Ramaphosa’s address, rubbishes tribalism claims

12 July 2021 - 09:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Songstress Amanda Black has weighed in on the president's address.
Image: Instagram/Amanda Black Songstress Amanda Black has weighed in on the president's address.

Musician Amanda Black has again taken shots at President Cyril Ramaphosa's family meetings, saying we “deserve better as a people”.

In a message to the nation, Ramaphosa announced the extension of alert level 4 lockdown, with the ban on gatherings and alcohol to continue for 14 more days.

Ramaphosa also used the opportunity to slam the violent protests and looting that gripped the nation over the last few days and condemned tribalism.

Taking to social media, Amanda said that she was gatvol and would not watch another family meeting again.

“I think tonight the president couldn’t even fake caring any more. That was the last time I watch an address. I get it. I’ve been getting it. But hope doesn’t kill. It just means you know you deserve better. We deserve better as a people. We matter OK?! Don't forget to vote.”

She also slammed the president's comments on “ethnic criminality”, claiming the country was burning because of protests, not tribalism.

“What the f**k is ethnic criminality!? Ethnic mobilisation? A whole president of a country?” she asked, tagging the president.

Speaking on Sunday, Ramaphosa said there is no justification for the violence and claimed “some of these acts of violence are based on ethnic mobilisation”.

This must be condemned by all South Africans at all costs as we are a nation committed to nonracialism and non-tribalism that is underpinned by the diversity and unity of all the people of SA, whatever their language, culture, religious beliefs and race.”