EXCLUSIVE | Keke Mphuthi chats about her TV comeback after two years

Former 'The Throne' star makes a return to screen after spending two years trying to find herself

14 July 2021 - 08:00 By Joy Mphande
Actress Keke Mphuthi is back and ready to take over.
Actress Keke Mphuthi is back and ready to take over.
Image: Instagram/Keke Mphuthi

After her exit from Mzansi Magic's The Throne, actress Keke Mphuthi is back on the small screen with a bang.

The actress was allegedly cut from the show after she revealed her pregnancy but she is ready to put that behind her. The actress took to her Instagram page on Monday, posting an image of herself and co-stars on set, announcing the exciting news to her fans. 

“Dear God it’s all coming together nicely! After two years of failed attempts, emotional, psychological, physical trauma I found myself again. But this time they never saw me coming or shooting with some of the most amazing people that I genuinely love n appreciate,” she wrote.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about her two-year hiatus, the actress said that she had decided to dedicate time off to focus on motherhood and being a full-time mother.

“More than anything it was just about being a present mom and dealing with the aftermath of my case at the Ferguson's ... it was about coming to myself, psychologically as well ... I was just taking a much-needed break considering the events of everything,” she says.

Keke adds that she is grateful to have had a great support system from her family and entertainment industry peers that helped her block out the rumours that transpired after she left The Throne

Therapy has played a big role in helping the actress put the pieces back together emotionally and find herself again.

“I go to therapy as often as possible, it's still helping me till today ... While on a journey to find yourself again, [you] just remember that this is what drove you before you became a mom and it also makes you want to work two times better in what you do.” she says,

The mom-of-one said even though she had a nanny to help her take care of her son when she is not home, it wasn't easy getting used to her new schedule as an actor and a mother, now that she is back on set.

“It's been overwhelming but in a good way ... I can't be there every hour of the day, but you try to just remember what the ultimate goal is. Motherhood has in a way given me an individual direction. Before anything else it was about me, my goals and dreams, now I think about how the expansion of my career will affect him.

“I think I'm more content, I think this is really what was meant for me and I really enjoy being a mom. The same kind of fulfilment I had before becoming a mom about my career I found in my motherhood.”

Keke has got her groove back and there's no stopping her now.

“For those are watching from the sidelines, cheering on for all the bad that is happening in your life, this is just a young shake on them... they never saw it coming.”

Besides the acting gig that the actress briefly posted about, she says there are a few more projects that she's been working on and her fans will be in awe as they see them unfold soon.

'The roles that I'm now playing or have played are completely different and have challenged me as an actor as well ... this whole experience has rebirthed a new Keke and I'm very happy with her ... just shying away from a pretty actress [title] or whatever. Diversity really helps, I do not want to be stagnant with the roles that I play,” she concluded.