Sizwe Dhlomo and Floyd Shivambu argue about the outcome of Jacob Zuma's trial

14 July 2021 - 13:00 By deepika naidoo
Sizwe and Floyd got into a heated debate over former president Jacob Zuma's incarceration.
Sizwe and Floyd got into a heated debate over former president Jacob Zuma's incarceration.
Image: Instagram/Sizwe Dhlomo x Financial Mail

Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo and EFF MP Floyd Shivambu were caught beefing on the TL over how they feel about the outcome of the trial of former president Jacob Zuma.

Kaya FM host Sizwe took to Twitter with his thoughts on the leadership in the nation. He said even if people feel disappointed with current President Cyril Ramaphosa, Zuma should not be released from prison so SA can maintain peace.

“Look here guys, Cyril may be a disappointment and all that but also akukho Zuma wakhishwa ejele la, so we can maintain peace. Nonsense! The law is the law.” 

“Mina I’ve got no problem with uMsholozi but let’s be honest, he had plenty of time to follow procedure. S*** didn’t need to get this far. He could have just gone to the commission and said what he wanted to say. Simple,” said Sizwe.

Floyd caught wind of Sizwe's tweet and felt the media personality was oversimplifying the situation.

The MP took it upon himself to school the star on how Zuma cannot be discharged. 

“The law permits for rescission and there’s no such thing as 'akukho Zuma wakhishwa ejele la' in law. There are already Constitutional Court concessions that some interpretations could have been wrong. These things don’t work on emotions my brother. Be simple but don’t be simplistic,” Floyd said.

Never one to let other people have the last word, Sizwe clapped back with some clarification, saying that he was responding to what was said by the Zuma Foundation on the due process afforded to Zuma during his trial.

He further accused Floyd of deviating from his point.

“Floyd, you’re the one being simplistic here! I’m responding to a statement by the foundation. Now, if you want to speak about a rescission of judgment, that’s something else. The process there is also very clear and already under way,” said Sizwe.

Users reacted to Sizwe's response, saying that he should leave the politics to the politicians, while others criticised him for not understanding the law.

Check out their reactions:

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