Twitter going gaga over spicy exchange between Jub Jub and Lerato Kganyago

Things got real spicy when Jub Jub threatened to release Lerato Kganyago's “files” because she offered a different opinion on looting

14 July 2021 - 11:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Radio host Lerato Kganyago and TV host Jub Jub got into a heated debate on the socials.
Image: Instagram/Lerato Kganyago x Instagram/Jub Jub via Visual Maven Radio host Lerato Kganyago and TV host Jub Jub got into a heated debate on the socials.

Twitter witnessed a heated blow-by-blow match unfold as TV presenter Lerato Kganyago and rapper Jub Jub exchanged spicy words, threads and different opinions on Tuesday regarding the recent looting sprees that have broken out in KZN and Gauteng.

The spicy exchange was ignited by an Instagram Live video that Jub Jub posted on Monday after the violent riots and looting that erupted in parts of SA. 

Jub Jub said South Africans needed to let the looters “do whatever they want”.

“Let them steal if they have to steal, let them do whatever because the government has not provided that,” Jub Jub said.

While the Uyajola 99 host was seemingly enraged by the lawlessness of the act of looting, he was evidently more pressed by the opinions of people he said were coming from a place of “privilege”. People who judged and called out the looters.

How dare you judge and call another black person hooligan! Just because you comfortable ... I don’t condone looting. What did you expect to happen if they have been misled and lied to for years?”

The TV presenter also let it be known he was “really disturbed about all of this” before calling out his “fellow celebrities” for being quiet about what is happening.

Watch the full video here.

That's when Metro FM DJ Lerato entered the conversation. Lerato penned a lengthy statement in the comment section of Jub Jub's video slamming the rapper for spreading the “wrong message” and making comments which she felt were trying to justify looting.

“I'm an artist and I'm saying your generalisation is problematic. Some of us have been speaking, you sending the wrong message, my brother with all due respect,” Lerato said.

“Some of us are just as frustrated, been upset for many just in case you thought the looting started 4 months ago... This is a result of what has been happening for the past couple of years, from one president to another, let's not have selective rage,” read parts of Lerato's statement.

Lerato Kganyago's comment.
Image: Instagram/Jub Jub Lerato Kganyago's comment.

Lerato's comment caught Jub Jub's attention and he wasn't impressed. Along with “slamming” Lerato's opinion, Jub Jub also threatened to air Lerato's dirty laundry if she continued to “try” him.

“This is what bores me ... Who appointed you as the minister of the right messages of SA? I'm not here to talk about politics ... I'm talking about people who think they have a right to judge the poor based on their position of privilege. Let this be the first and last time you try to come for me,” read part of Jub Jub's clapback at Lerato.

Read Jub's comment below:

Jub Jub's clapback
Image: Instagram/Jub Jub Jub Jub's clapback

Once Twitter caught on to the spicy exchange of opinions between the pair, they landed on the Twitter trends list.

Their “fight” spilled onto the TL as Lerato took to Twitter to challenge Jub Jub to release the said “files” he has on her. The Metro FM DJ said she didn't mind different opinions and friendly banter but being threatened was where she drew the line.

Lerato Kganyago tweets.
Image: Twitter/Lerato Kganyago Lerato Kganyago tweets.

Meanwhile, Jub Jub's viral comment also caught his employer's attention and Moja Love released a statement distancing itself from him and his comments.

“As Moja channels, Moja Love (DStv 157) and Moja 9.9 (DStv 158), we would like to distance ourselves from the social media videos circulating of Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye expressing his views about the ongoing protests,” said Bokani Moyo the head of the channel.

“The views expressed on the videos or any of his platforms are his personal views and do not reflect the company values and views of the channels in any way. The socio-economic situation of the country is a stark reality we empathise with, but we do not condone violence in addressing the matter,” said Bokani.

Read the full statement below: