'Going back to school is never easy' — Cedric Fourie on his graduation

Congratulations are in order for the actor.

15 July 2021 - 08:00
By Joy Mphande
Actor Cedric Fourie has a lot planned out for him after his graduation.
Image: Via Instagram Actor Cedric Fourie has a lot planned out for him after his graduation.

Cedric Fourie has officially completed his postgraduate diploma in management practice at UCT.

On Tuesday afternoon the actor posted a picture of himself donning a graduation gown and revealed that he had finally graduated from UCT.

“I feel extremely excited. Education has a way of shaping the human mind, and we witness this when engaging with people in everyday life. There’s a high level of understanding towards the world we live in and thus intrinsically guides us to behave and manoeuvre accordingly when dealing with the everyday world. It is education that always helps better the world we live in — people must not get it twisted!” the graduate told TshisaLIVE.

Speaking on why he chose to study management, the actor said that it would help with his business endeavours.

“This qualification has enabled me to add more value to the organisations I work for and with. I conduct myself better as a professional and apply practical solutions to organisational issues and needs,” he says,

Cedric is currently appearing on four shows — Judas Kiss, Family Secrets, Durban Gen, and Skeem Saam. Despite his diploma, the actor still has plans to occupy the acting space. 

“I have just signed two contracts in collaboration with big brands that I’ll be working with. I will still remain on the screens in the interim while doing business, I have also completed shooting a Netflix series called Magenta Coal coming soon in August or September,” he said.

Looking at his accomplishments, Cedric admits that it is not easy to juggle parenthood and a career but he is motivated that it will allow him to also give back to the less fortunate.

“I am looking at broadening my scope of work with the aim of taking underprivileged individuals with me on the journey of improvement and financial freedom. Going back to school is never easy, especially when you’re a parent, have a career and a business to run. I feel blessed to have these opportunities but a big part of me isn’t satisfied until I have helped others spread their wings too.”