Nadia Nakai has left Cassper’s Family Tree: ‘He’s a bit sad, but we are good’

The rapper is ready to soar solo

16 July 2021 - 11:00
By Joy Mphande
Nadia Nakai might start own record label after parting ways with Family Tree.
Image: Instagram/Nadia Nakai Nadia Nakai might start own record label after parting ways with Family Tree.

Rapper Nadia Nadia Nakai has come a long way in the music industry, and now that she has done the time, she is ready to stand on her own.

In a recent interview with Slikour, the rapper revealed she had parted ways with her long-time label Family Tree and spoke about how record label owner and rapper Cassper Nyovest reacted to the news.

“I am no longer with The Tree. I am working on my own record label.  I need to be able to stand on my own. Funny enough, I was scared to tell Cass. After I told him, I could feel he was a bit sad, but we are good.”

Nadia said at first Cassper Nyovest was taken aback by the news and hung up the phone on her, but later called back to give her advice on her next move.

Producer Gemini Major was the first artist to leave the label in 2017 after he went off to start his own record label, then rapper and producer Tshego second.

Nadia is also spreading her wings and is adamant she made the decision based on wanting to grow. The rapper said even though she is no longer with the label, she espects Cassper Nyovest because he played a big role in her career.

“I will always hold Cass in the highest regard and respect because he’s been very instrumental in my career and life,” she said

Watch the full interview below:

During her guest appearance on the season finale of AKA’s Braai Show on SABC1 earlier this year, Nadia revealed her mentor Cassper did not have an issue with her working with his arch enemy

While breaking bread at the Supa Mega's home, Nadia and AKA spoke about two topics Mzansi certainly wanted to know about. AKA's Bryanston home served as the backdrop while meat sizzled on the braai.

AKA asked Nadia whether she was allowed to work with him, considering her record label boss and him don't see eye to eye.

Nadia replied, “Of course, what do you mean?", alluding that Cassper and AKA's beef was none of her business. 

However, in May 2020, Nadia  said she didn't think a collaboration with AKA would yield good results for her or her career, but said it had nothing to do with whether Cassper would approve.

She said this during an Instagram Live interview with rapper Da L.E.S.

“Honestly, I am a fan of AKA. Every time I've met him he has never disrespected me nor been weird with me or anything. I think the only reason I wouldn't collab is because I don't think it would get positive attention. I don't think it would be something that would be celebrated.”