Metro FM DJ Lerato Kganyago admits she ‘struggles’ to get rid of resentment

20 July 2021 - 09:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Lerato Kganyago says holding grudges can be beneficial.
Image: Instagram/Lerato Kganyago Lerato Kganyago says holding grudges can be beneficial.

Metro FM DJ Lerato Kganyago has admitted she struggles with letting go of grudges, but says she it works for her because it helps her “protect her space”.

It all began after a conversation about kindness in the face of hate came up on the TL.

A tweep said there is no point in being kind to those who wouldn’t return the favour, and tweeps offered their different opinions.

Lerato joined in the convo to shared how she struggles with holding grudges against those who have hurt her. 

“My problem is holding grudges. Something I struggle to get rid of,” she said.

The star said sometimes holding a grudge could come in handy in pursuit of protecting one’s space.

“But it also works for me as I protect my space,” she wrote.

Lerato’s response led to conversations about resentment in the reply section of the tweet with some of her fans.

Check them out:

The star has spoken about this topic in the past when chatting about her relationship with her father.

Lerato sid after she lost her baby she expected her father to be there for her but he never showed up. She said she was angry with him and that anger tore at their relationship. However, she realised her father didn’t know how to express his concern for her. 

“I held a grudge again for so long, until the one time he called me after many months and said, ‘I’m listening to 702. They are talking about women infertility’. I broke into tears because at that moment I realised he cared, but he didn’t know how to show me he did,” she wrote.