WATCH | #BTS footage of Dr Musa and Liesl Laurie’s ‘post-lobola’ shoot is the cutest!

20 July 2021 - 11:00 By chrizelda kekana
Dr Musa Mthombeni has shared that traditionally, Liesl Laurie is now his wife.
Dr Musa Mthombeni has shared that traditionally, Liesl Laurie is now his wife.
Image: Instagram/Musa Mthombeni via Mog Communications

TV personality Musa Mthombeni and his wife Liesl Laurie commemorated the occasion of their families officially uniting after Musa paid lobola for Liesl with a stunning photo shoot and the behind-the-scenes video left their fans in their feels.

Musa and Liesl's blossoming love story has been a refreshing story to follow in the midst of daily heavy news about the global pandemic or the recent riots and looting SA has been faced with.

Having only found each other about a year ago, Musa and Liesl publicly announced their relationship when Musa popped the question a few weeks ago. Obviously a man with a plan, Musa has moved quite fast to make sure Liesl has his last name as soon as possible. Over the weekend, he paid lobola for the former Miss SA.

It was an intimate do when Musa's uncles went to Liesl's house in Eldorado Park and from the few snaps and moments Liesl shared on her Instagram Stories, both families were delighted to be one.

Following in his MO to make sure each moment is captured, Musa had a photographer and videographer booked for the day and the behind-the-scenes footage was just too cute!

Everything from how happy they look to their choice of songs ...

#LivingForIt! #LoveToSeeIt

Watch the video below:

Musa recently shared the origins of their love. On his Instagram, Musa said the relationship started with a direct Instagram message, aka DM, almost a year ago.

It all started with a lil’ bit of stalking from Musa’s side, and then when a mutual friend posted about Liesl, Musa found a way in.

“One year ago on this day,  July 2, my dear friend @dr_khanyile posted a picture of Liesl on her IG stories. I commented on this story with a lovestruck emoji and sent Dr Khanyile a voice note highlighting my utter excitement about this post.”

The rest as they say, is history!