Pearl Thusi to trolls: 'I’ve healed guys — insulting me doesn’t work any more'

22 July 2021 - 12:00
By Joy Mphande
Pearl Thusi says she's unbothered by trolls on 'black Twitter'
Image: Instagram/ Pearl Thusi Pearl Thusi says she's unbothered by trolls on 'black Twitter'

When it comes to how Pearl Thusi has been conducting herself on social media, the media personality's name has been synonymous with giving stinging clapbacks, but now, the actress is taking a different approach.

While weighing in on the recent current affairs of SA in a series of tweets on Wednesday, Pearl's opinions were not well received by everyone.

Some tweeps attempted to tick her off and get on her bad side, but she says she's no longer bothered by social media trolls.

I’ve healed guys ... I’m whole. I’m not perfect but I love who I am. Insulting me doesn’t work any more. I’m here to learn, engage and grow. We can disagree, that’s healthy but insulting me doesn’t get the same reaction any more. Don’t bother. I wanna have real chats here,” she wrote.

Responding to a Tweet about making peace a priority rather than proving a point, Pearl said she shared the same sentiment. 

Earlier this year, the Queen Sono star took to her Instagram stories saying she was tired of constantly being bashed by Black Twitter.

“Those roaches on Twitter are obsessed with me, F*ck,” she wrote at the time.

Now Pearl has seemingly found a new approach to her social media etiquette. 

Reacting to Pearl's decision, her fans took to the comments section of the post saying that she did not have to explain herself and went on to praise her for her change of heart.