Comparison between Sho Madjozi and Makhadzi has Mzansi wrangling about colourism

Some tweeps are convinced that Sho Madjozi did better as an artist when compared to Makhadzi only because she has 'light-skin privilege'

29 July 2021 - 13:30 By Joy Mphande
Comparisons between Sho Madjozi and Makhadzi sparked a colourism debate.
Comparisons between Sho Madjozi and Makhadzi sparked a colourism debate.
Image: Instagram/ Sho Madjozi/ Makhadzi

Musicians Sho Madjozi and Makhadzi topped the Twitter trends after tweeps began comparing them and how the complexion of their skin and how they look may have affected their careers. 

A Twitter user kicked things off when she equated Sho's successful musical career to "light-skin privilege" and alluded that Makhadzi was overlooked because she has dark skin. 

“Convinced Sh* M*djozi did so well in such a short space of time because she was light skinned. This lady makes good music, works hard and is a star but we know why she’s so overlooked,” said the tweep, sparking a heated debate on the TL.

The Twitter post had Makhadzi and Sho Madjozi trending all day on social media.

While some agreed with the Twitter user's statement, others argued that skin had nothing to do with how far they've come in their careers.

TshisaLIVE was not able to get comment about the debate from either Makhadzi or Sho Madjozi by the time of publishing this article.

However, Sho Madjozi has previously weighed in on a similar debate.

In a series of tweets posted in 2019, the John Cena hitmaker said though she is aware that colourism exists, her success was purely because she works hard and not because of society's beauty standards.

I work harder than anyone I know,” she wrote.

“I can't be expected to stop being great because colourism exists. But I can try to use my platform to speak out against colourism, I MUST speak out when I see people being treated unfairly because of colour and I can try to amplify the voices of talented dark skinned women,” she added.