Distorted priorities & boxing fights! Inside Prince Kaybee & Cassper’s latest twar

Prince Kaybee reveals how much the rapper offered him for the celebrity boxing match.

29 July 2021 - 11:00 By Joy Mphande
Prince Kaybee wants Cassper Nyovest to up his price for the celebrity boxing match.
Prince Kaybee wants Cassper Nyovest to up his price for the celebrity boxing match.
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee /Cassper Nyovest

Cassper has been daring Prince Kaybee to get in the ring with him since early May this year, but Kaybee has revealed that the delay on the much-anticipated celebrity boxing match has been caused by his unhappiness with the money put on the table. 

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Prince Kaybee shared his views on celebrities'  disconnection to fans, seemingly aiming at Cassper. 

“Another thing about celebrities is the disconnect to the fans, they can’t seem to put back value where they got it from. For instance you give away samples to celebrity friends and never to the people that bring the value, so now it creates a talking point but never an impact.” he wrote.

Cassper responded to the tweet saying that Prince Kaybee should stop tweeting and rather sign the boxing contract.

“You just like to talk sh*t about me. Sign the boxing contract, get the clout from me knocking your ass out or make a hit. The tweets ain't gon make you more famous or more money. My shoe is doing well, I have the biggest song in the country and I can't wait to knock you out!!" he wrote.

Prince Kaybee went on to reveal that he was offered R350,000 to fight Cassper saying that he would rather fight him for R2.5m.

“You offered a 350k contract ... I make that anyway in a dry month. So if it's for free lets meet now where you are but if you going to make profit out of it I want 2.5 Million, I’m not scared of your fake wealth papa, put your money where your mouth is. 

“I didn’t wanna expose that lousy 350k but you kept on pushing me,” he added

The two celebrities have since been mum on their boxing match.

Despite their never-ending twars  fans are still anticipating their fight.