Pearl Modiadie comes for tweep who says she ‘hates winter because she’s single’

31 July 2021 - 14:00 By deepika naidoo
Pearl Modiadie isn't here for the trolls!
Pearl Modiadie isn't here for the trolls!
Image: Instagram/Pearl Modiadie

Radio host Pearl Modiadie has hit back at claims that the reason she thinks winter is unbearably cold is that because she is single and ready to mingle.

She believes her relationship status has nothing to do with the temperatures outside.

As cold spells and snow cover the country this winter, media personality Pearl and many South Africans have had questions about the icy conditions witnessed.

With extreme weather patterns across the globe causing havoc and chaos, Pearl took to Twitter to think out load about how the cold weather has been super unpleasant.

However, not everyone was buying into the idea that this winter was any colder than others.

One user believes the only reason she feels cold is because Pearl is single and has no-one to cuddle up to in the cold.

Without detailing her relationship status, the star stood firm and hit back at the tweep, saying the fact remains: it's freezing.

Though known for being a sweetheart online, the star has often had to defend herself against trolls. Some users accused her of showing off when she announced she had finally paid off the house she bought for her father in 2017.

The Metro FM presenter made it clear she will not stop celebrating her milestones, saying: “Ngisebenza kanzima (I work hard) and I will always celebrate my wins! Whether privately or publicly!”