'I wish I could hear you say 'l love you, mommy' one more time - Shona Ferguson's family remember star

04 August 2021 - 14:25 By Joy Mphande
Shona Ferguson's daughters spoke at his funeral on Wednesday.
Shona Ferguson's daughters spoke at his funeral on Wednesday.
Image: YouTube/ Dignifind

Shona Ferguson's family took to the podium at the late actor and producer's funeral service on Wednesday to share their fond memories of a loving son, brother, father and husband.

The actor's stepdaughter, Lesedi Ferguson, daughter Alicia Ferguson and grandson Ronewa shared heartbreaking tributes to their father.

“My grandpa was very much more than my grandpa' because he already knew whatever I wanted whenever I asked. He used to call me Khai and he used to call me King but now that he is in heaven I'll never hear him call me King,” Ronewa said.

Alicia said the pair had a “weird relationship”, but she always knew he loved her.

“My dad has done a lot for me as a person, he has motivated me to take bigger steps in life that I wouldn't have taken. I'm very thankful that he has enabled me to do it.

“He had no doubts that I would succeed. He made me a promise to always be by my side and I'm going to make him a promise that whatever comes, I will always carry on his legacy and make him and my family proud”.

Family gathered in Ruimsig Johannesburg to pay tribute to late veteran actor and producer Shona Ferguson. The actor had passed away from Covid-19 related complications on July 30 2021.

Lesedi said there were many fights that Shona fought in silence to protect his family, and said he would do whatever he could to protect those he loved.

“Dad was always our fighter and we went to bed every night knowing that whatever problems we had it was taken care of.

“The one thing I really miss the most is his hugs, they always made you feel like everything was going to be OK. To know that I cannot get that hug again and he won't be here for any other milestone is heartbreaking.

“He was a fighter on earth and he is our fighter in heaven. I still feel your love around us, even if you are not here.”

Alisha and Connie at Shona Ferguson's funeral.
Alisha and Connie at Shona Ferguson's funeral.
Image: YouTube/Dignified

Shona Ferguson's sister-in-law, Lerato, revealed that after being diagnosed with Covid-19 in June, the actor was treated at home before being taken to hospital when he struggled with low oxygen levels.

“The treatment started at home for about a week. The symptoms worsened and he was moved to high care a week after admission. My brother, being the fighter that he was, seemed to have got better, which resulted in him being discharged on July 10. But that evening he was readmitted when his condition just started deteriorating,” she said.

“Mr Sho' fought a very hard battle and it seems like he had a plan for us as a family to prepare for moments like this in that two weeks, because my family had so much faith,” she added.

A dove release ceremony at the burial of Shona Ferguson.
A dove release ceremony at the burial of Shona Ferguson.
Image: YouTube/ Dignified

Dominique Ferguson shared fond memories of growing up as a big brother to Shona.

“We grew up in a very close, tight knit family. Our father raised us to be strong, independent, to be business minded, and to protect our family at all costs. It hurts so bad that you're gone, bro. It hurts so much to wake up in the middle of the night. I know you are with Jackson, our dad. I know you are smiling down on your wife and kids,” he said.

At the graveyard, a handwritten note from Shona's mother was read aloud.

“My son, ever since I held you in my hands many years ago I knew that the Lord had blessed me with somebody special. I watched you grow into the God-fearing man that you are. With all that you went through, you never quit dreaming. I am going to miss the many hours we spent talking on the phone.

“Mommy is proud of you and even though it hurts, just know that mom is proud of you. I wish I could hear you say 'l love you mommy' one more time, but only the Lord knows.”

Shona Ferguson's casket at his funeral.
Shona Ferguson's casket at his funeral.
Image: YouTube/Dignified