Lasizwe slams comparison of his reaction to his father's funeral with Connie Ferguson's composure

05 August 2021 - 15:00 By deepika naidoo
Twitter came for the social media star after he hit back on the TL.
Twitter came for the social media star after he hit back on the TL.
Image: Instagram/Lasizwe

Media personality Lasizwe wasn't here for the shade thrown his way about his lack of composure at his father Menzi Mchunu's funeral, but a spelling error in his clapback only made things worse.

It all began after Twitter was abuzz about Connie Ferguson's composure and her farewell message to late husband Shona Ferguson at his funeral on Wednesday.

Shona died at 47 years old on Friday last week after Covid-19 complications. 

In a post, a tweep compared Lasizwe breaking down and crying at his father's funeral to Connie's composure while burying the love of her life. The tweep said Connie should be respected because unlike Lasizwe, she did not “turn” the heartbreak into a content-making opportunity.

Catching wind of the tweet, Lasizwe clapped back by saying that people express their grief in different ways.

“We moan different,” wrote Lasizwe.

The reality TV star obviously meant “mourn” but that didn't stop tweeps from starting conversations under his tweet, first about the spelling error, and then about his supposed attention-seeking traits.

Some defended him but many were quick to point out his spelling mistake, with the point of the post flying over most people's heads.

Check them out:

Responding to the criticisms, the The Fake It 'Til You Make It star said that English isn't his first language so he was bound to make a mistake.

“English is not my mother’s tongue, I meant 'Mourn' not 'Moan' ay!” Lasizwe clapped back.

Siblings Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe mourned the loss of their father, Menzi Mcunu, in 2020.

They took to social media to share how heartbroken they were over the loss of their dad. 

“My last alive parent, my dad has passed on. I am numb and confused! I am shattered! first my mom, now my dad! I don’t know how to feel. Like how does one say, 'My parents are deceased', like I don’t have no parents no more. Like they dead,” Lasizwe captioned a pic of him and his dad in happier times.