What you said: Fans happy to see Katlego Maboe back in the spotlight

05 August 2021 - 09:00 By cebelihle bhengu
Katlego Maboe was taken off air pending the outcome of an investigation into abuse allegations levelled against him.
Katlego Maboe was taken off air pending the outcome of an investigation into abuse allegations levelled against him.
Image: Jaime Lizamore

Katlego Maboe should not have left social media after a cheating scandal between him and the mother of his son, Monique Muller.

This is according to TimesLIVE readers, who voted in a poll published on Wednesday. Readers were asked to share their reactions to Katlego's return to social media after a 9-month-long hiatus. 

67% of them said the former Expresso host should not have left social media, while 28% hardly took any interest as they don't follow him. His return didn't sit well with 6% who said his comeback was an attention-seeking move.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Maboe said he lost “everything” in 2020 after a video of him admitting to cheating on Muller, allegedly with Nikita Murray, went viral on social media.

Abuse allegations were later levelled against him, which he denied, though police in the Western Cape confirmed a restraining order was taken out against him. 

The scandal cost him his TV presenter gig and the ambassadorship deal with Outsurance. He was also nominated as the best TV show host by the SA Film and TV Awards, SAFTA, but his name was later removed after a public outcry. 

At the weekend, Katlego said there is much to be grateful for, even in the midst of the chaos. 

“I still firmly believe that there is so much to be grateful for especially while facing daunting prospects. The very breath in our lungs is a signal that echoes the need for gratitude amid the raging storm — not so much as to brush off as insignificant the challenges we have gone through and still face daily, but as a firm stance to affirm that we will not be defeated,” his post read.

On social media, many said they were happy to see Katlego back and it was time to move on.

“There's a nothing wrong with him being on social media. He has a life to live like everybody else. If anything, the man has carried his cross that some crucified [him] on and it's time to move on with his life. It's not like he killed someone,” wrote Collen Mdlongwa.

Richard Allan Warwick said he hoped Katlego had become a little more humble during his hiatus.

“One hopes that he learnt a valuable lesson and can curb his arrogance and become a bit more humble”.

“My brain has been taught to think and mind my own business,” added MN Motau.