SA in awe of Connie Ferguson’s faith as she settles into life without Shona

‘Faith and fear cannot coexist so I am hanging on to every little faith I have’

11 August 2021 - 13:00 By chrizelda kekana
Shona and Connie Ferguson used to chill together on their carpets on Sundays.
Shona and Connie Ferguson used to chill together on their carpets on Sundays.
Image: Instagram/Connie Ferguson

The amount of faith actress and recent widow Connie Ferguson has displayed and declared since the death of her husband Shona has left Mzansi inspired and in awe.

Shona died on July 30 after battling with Covid-19 for 33 days.

Connie took to Instagram live on what was the second Sunday since Shona died to talk about how she is coping with filling the Shona-sized gaps in her routines. The actress shared what they used to do with Shona on Sundays in a video session she titled “Carpet Sundays.”

“Today is carpet Sunday. I miss my person. Every Sunday we’d just lie on the carpet and talk about everything under the sun or nothing at all. We’d just lie here and be with each other. I miss his physical presence so much but I feel in spirit he is still with me,” Connie began her video.

In the next six minutes, the mother of two shared how she had avoided “laying on the carpet” since Shona got sick. She said on that particular day, it had dawned on her that God had given her an abundant dose of “supernatural strength”.

“I haven't had the guts to lie on the carpet. Since Sho got sick, leading up to his elevation to glory, I just didn’t say I could do this on my own so today being the eighth day of month eight of one which is 2021, it dawned on me that it is a new day and I bless God for that. I bless God for, I call it the supernatural strength because I don't know how I am able to do this, it can only be God. I wanted to share a word with you.”

Connie went on to share a Bible scripture from the book of John, saying  the contents of the scripture made her reflect on what has happened to her and how her faith was essentially put on the stand.

“When I read this, I just thought about everything that happened and thought about how as Christians we love to say ‘He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world’, but how much of that do we actually believe because when things don’t go our way we fall apart and feel betrayed and I did. I did. I asked a lot of whys. I asked a lot of why him, he was so young and still had so much to offer. I asked a lot about our plans, what happens to our plans now. So many questions.”

Watch the video below:

The actress concluded by explaining to her followers why she was holding tightly to her faith.

“Tomorrow is not guaranteed. You don’t know what is gonna happen tomorrow but with faith, you trust that God has your back and you trust  God will never leave you nor forsake you and he knows our futures better than we could ever, better than we ever will. So faith no matter how small, that is what He needs from us.

“Faith and fear cannot coexist so I am hanging on to every little faith I have and working on growing that faith and drawing even closer to God so he can reveal to me what his actual plan is for my life. Just thought I should share. Happy Sunday family, blessed Sunday. Happy Carpet Sunday.”

Connie’s comment section was flooded with people commending her faith.

My word. Your strength is extremely admirable mama, God truly chooses his strongest soldiers to fight the toughest battles. You’ve got this,” actress Omuhle Gela said.

“Your strength is remarkable Mama. All my love to you,” said Zenande Mfenyana.

“Your faith is remarkable Connie. You are incredible and you remind us all that when we say ‘He will never leave you nor forsake you’ we must believe those words,” said Carol Bouwer.