Song promos and ‘weak’ rappers — Inside Cassper and DJ Speedsta’s twar

11 August 2021 - 10:00
By Joy Mphande
Cassper Nyovest challenged DJ Speedsta to a celebrity boxing match during their twar.
Image: Instagram/ Cassper Nyovest/ DJ Speedsta Cassper Nyovest challenged DJ Speedsta to a celebrity boxing match during their twar.

Cassper Nyovest has challenged DJ Speedsta to a boxing match after the DJ posted a series of tweets saying he felt the rapper was “weak”, igniting a fiery twar on the TL.

DJ Speedsta created trending chaos when he expressed how he feel about Cassper during  the wee hours on Tuesday.

“I’m sorry I need to let something off my chest. Take it as you want. Cassper Nyovest is weak! No soul, no nothing. Tag him if you want. Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him, and Lesego knows him long time,” he wrote.

DJ Speedsta went on to claim Cassper always plays the victim and said he felt the rapper was the weakest SA hip-hop artist.

“Year after year, Cassper is always in some ‘news’. Always the victim. Always putting out good energy and doesn’t understand why people ‘hate his success’. I’m personally done with his nonsense,” he wrote.

“Know the man for years. Many years that is. He has no soul, will die for showbiz, That’s why he will do whatever just to be on ‘top’. In my opinion you are the weakest SA hip-hop as ever seen! And you’re supposed to be a role model! Shame on you.”

Cassper responded to the tweet by saying he was disappointed in the DJ because they had a cool relationship before their fallout.

“This is so disappointing for me because you used to pick me up in your A3 when I had nothing. Today I have made something of myself and you turned sour because I outshined those you thought deserved it more than me. I keep saying, if you have something to say to me meet me in the ring,” he wrote.

The rapper went on to his Instagram stories to say he was tired of constantly going back and forth on Twitter and preferred to solve all matters with a celebrity boxing match.

“You know what people hate the most? People who love themselves. People hate the fact that they feel small, they feel weak, they feel weak and they take it out on other people. Im going to keep pressing. This is just the beginning,” he said.

“I see you niggas tweeting, talking s&*t week in, week out. If youve got something to say to me come meet me in the ring. Im tired of this Twitter s&*t, diss tracks. If youve got a problem with me, come see me in the ring. Stop acting tough on Twitter, come see me in the ring. Just me and you. No weapons, no f*&%en squads.”

In a recent interview with YFM, the rapper said people like to use his name for clout when releasing music by saying bad things about him.

“These guys who tweet their songs, ‘Hey everybody Ive got a new song out’, retweet, like, share [only to get] two likes. Then the next tweet - Cassper is actually trash, I hate the n*ggas [they get a] thousand retweets.”

DJ Speedsta revealed he would be releasing a new song on Friday after his Twitter rant about Cassper Nyovest.