DJ Warras shares ‘lesson learnt’ from Thabo and Zodwa’s ‘situation’: Don’t just smash

14 August 2021 - 08:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Radio presenter DJ Warras joined in the conversation around Zodwa and Thabo's 'situationship'.
Image: Instagram/ Dj Warras Radio presenter DJ Warras joined in the conversation around Zodwa and Thabo's 'situationship'.

DJ Warras has joined the hilarious conversation around one-night stands that popped up after Zodwa Wabantu openly shared her latest sexual escapade with Black Motion’s Thabo, saying the situation ought to teach bystanders to be careful and “not just smash”.

The DJ was one of hundreds of tweeps who engaged in a hilarious conversation around one-night stands and situationships.

The convo was ignited when Zodwa revealed, on Lasizwe’s spicy YouTube show Drink Or Tell The Truth,  that she recently had no strings attached sex with Thabo. The pair landed on the Twitter trends list when Thabo confirmed he had slept with Zodwa.

Replying to Sizwe Dhlomo’s reaction to the trending topic, Warras joined in the laughter but added he hopes people have learnt a lesson or two from how everything unfolded.

When asked what lessons there were to learn, the DJ elaborated.

Don’t just smash. Always think. There is plenty of research that suggests human beings are actually happier in long term monogamous relationships. At the end of the day,  your person is your person. You love them. And don’t want to hurt them. So behave in a way that assures you won’t.

“Don’t put yourself into situations and scenarios where you might make a mistake, fam. Because you will regret it. Just because you are quiet about something doesn’t mean the other person is or will be.”

In case you missed the whole thing, here’s a summary below.

Zodwa dropped a bomb when she said to Lasizwe: “A famous person I f*cked — I think three weeks back - was Thabo from Black Motion. Yeah, we had sex. It’s not a secret.”

Thabo hit back with what has become his famous phrase, saying: “Ke jele ke jele joe!”

Thabo and Zodwa trended for hours because tweeps just couldn’t get over how Zodwa freely spoke about her sex escapades, and how Thabo didn’t bother playing hide and seek with the truth. The honesty was refreshing for most tweeps.

Here are some of the top reactions to the pair’s situationship: