WATCH | ‘No excuse’ — Kelly Khumalo encourages her fans to get vaccinated

17 August 2021 - 11:00 By chrizelda kekana
Kelly Khumalo said she's good to go after getting vaccinated.
Kelly Khumalo said she's good to go after getting vaccinated.
Image: Supplied

Songstress Kelly Khumalo has taken to her social media to let her fans know she is functioning at 100% after getting vaccinated, and she recommends that people get their jabs as soon as possible.

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Putting her fun Russian accent social media alter-ego to task, the singer encouraged her followers to get their jabs.

“Hello everybody, I hope everything is good. I know I have been missing in action since my last announcement of you know, things not working properly after I got my vaccine.”


“I just want to say to you, ‘Please go get your vaccine’. Me, everything is operating well. I want to let you know I have been missing in action because I was busy. Just making sure everything is still in order.”

Kelly said she’s been off the socials trying to see if she has been negatively affected anywhere since she got the jab, and was happy to confirm all was well with her.

“We are open for business, everything is back to normal. Just go and get vaccinated,” Kelly told her fans.

Watch Kelly’s lighthearted video below:

Kelly’s video was a follow up to an earlier video she recorded straight after getting the vaccine earlier this month.

In the video, Kelly jokingly said “certain” parts of her body were not working as usual and she couldn’t “feel anything under there”. She wondered if it had anything to do with vaccine she had just received.

Check out the video below:

Despite the known possibilities of one suffering from side-effects of the vaccines, when it was time for the over-35s to show up and get their jabs, that age group showed up in numbers and celebs were at the forefront.

Thami Dish, Vuyo Ngcukana and Penny Lebyane showed up and showed off getting vaccinated.

Veteran actress Rami Chuene recently shared her hope that the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine would be kinder to her body after revealing it was a bumpy and painful rollercoaster ride after her first dose.

The actress joined many others on Twitter to share her experiences of the vaccine in the hopes of giving people a realistic picture of how the vaccine affects people differently.

Giving a summary of her experience, the actress said she went through all the symptoms listed as vaccine side-effects. She said she kept her doctor friend up with countless questions.

Long story short: I almost died. I had all the symptoms, losing my mind, calling @dr_lovelee at 1am. First four to five days were hell. Then it got better. 26 days later I still have some symptoms, numbness in my arm, fatigue, headache, etc.

“Please, I’m not discouraging anyone to vaccinate. I know that had I got Covid-19, I wouldn’t have survived. No ways,” she said.