Cassper chimes in on ‘The Braai Show’ saga — 'I delivered a service, and I got paid'

18 August 2021 - 10:00 By deepika naidoo
The music mogul says he doesn't need a legal team to deal with the 'The Braai Show' dispute between AKA and SABC.
The music mogul says he doesn't need a legal team to deal with the 'The Braai Show' dispute between AKA and SABC.
Image: Via Instagram/CassperNyovest

In the latest update on The Braai Show saga entertaining Mzansi over the past week, Cassper Nyovest says he won't be needing legal advice as he has nothing to do with the dispute between AKA and the SABC.

With the announcement that Cassper would be the host of season two of the hit celeb TV show, Mzansi has been witnessing messy arguments and legal battles that have ensued over the show's ownership.

AKA declared himself a copyright co-owner of The Braai Show and said in a statement that he was not made aware of the changes. The SABC later acknowledged AKA taking legal action against the public broadcaster. 

This left many fans with questions about how Cassper fits into the dispute because of his long-time beef with the rival rapper. One user asked the star how he could still be promoting the show when the SABC had been served with a cease and desist letter.

Cassper responded to the tweep, saying the legal concerns had no real-life consequences for the show until there is a date in court.

“LOL... Nawe you can sue me tomorrow for answering your tweet and make up the amount that you say I owe you and make headlines. Until you win the case in court, o bua moya fela. People are just making senseless noise. Nothing is being stopped, everything is still going as planned. Why?” he wrote.

Mufasa's reaction had fans showing their love for the star, with one even offering his legal services in case the AMN rapper gets entangled with the legal action.

However, Cassper says the dispute between AKA and the SABC has nothing to do with him, as he was paid for a service and revealed the show has already been recorded.

“He noted that it's 'funny' how people are looking to argue over the details after the fact.

“I don't need a lawyer. I am in no way attached to anything here. I got paid for a service. I delivered a service and I damn well enjoyed shooting The Braai Show With Cass. It is shot already, I got paid already. It's funny looking at people arguing about something that's done,” said Cassper.

After fans caught wind of AKA's legal dispute, many took to Twitter with questions and concerns about the future of the popular celeb reality TV show.