J'Something is grateful for gigs & 'gift of time' that came with the pandemic

19 August 2021 - 06:00
By Joy Mphande
J'Something on pursuing his passion, making his father proud and self discovery.
Image: Instagram/ J Something J'Something on pursuing his passion, making his father proud and self discovery.

The music industry took a hard knock due to the Covid-19 pandemic and J'Something is grateful to be able to fulfil his other passion for the culinary space while he waits for the world to “reopen” again.

The singer will host M-Net's My Kitchen Rules SA season 3 alongside Chef David Higgs, which will air on September 19.

“It was such a surprise when I got the call because it hasn't been the easiest times for all of us. For me being in the music industry it has been quite intense and we've been trying to find ways to think of ideas for revenue streams.

“I was actually working on my own TV show (Something's Cooking season 2) when I got the call that My Kitchen Rules is coming back, so I got really excited to get into people's homes and inspire them to get cooking,” he told TshisaLIVE.

Everything J'Something has done throughout his career has been organic and true to his personal life as he's been following my passion, and he says his late father was a great influence on his love for cooking.

“I see so much of dad in me ... I'm so present that I'm thinking about the actual moment, and when I'm in that moment I start to think, what would my dad have said or felt watching me judging people's food on an international franchise. He saw the beginning of [me pursuing my love for food] but he never really got to witness it. He was so passionate about food and I guess that's what I've been able to build. I'm sure dad would be proud, so hopefully he's up there and he can see the show.”

J'Something and his wife, Cordelia, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, and though he might miss performing on stage, he is glad to have been afforded more time to spend with his family and be present to celebrate milestones.

“One of the greatest gifts I've been given now is the time. I was so busy before Covid-19 and then all of a sudden I was home every day ... I made the most of what I do know and what I did have. Milestones are always great, the 10 years ... these are the things that we take a lot of pride in as a family. But also the simple things, like today I got to put my children to sleep,” he said.

The extra time afforded has also allowed J'Something to ponder his self-discovery journey.

“We are constantly discovering who we are and who we could be ... the trip that I am on is trying to figure out who it is that I am, who it is that I was born to be, without any man-made boxes. We have so many boxes that stop us from being who we were made to be ... it's been a lonely journey because I have nothing to reference it to ... I'm getting older and I'm feeling more. I'm becoming a lot more emotionally in touch.”