Amapiano star Jobe London slams health claims and death hoax

27 August 2021 - 12:00 By Joy Mphande
Jobe sets the record straight on his wellbeing.
Jobe sets the record straight on his wellbeing.
Image: Instagram/ obe London

Jobe London, real name Thabang Thanyane, has set the record straight on his health. 

Jobe fell victim to a death hoax after a Facebook user declared him dead and the post went viral.

Taking to social media on Thursday, the amapiano star slammed the hoax and people on the socials for being insensitive.

“Y'all are so insensitive,” the Sukendleleni hitmaker said.

Jobe then released a statement via his lawyers damning rumours that he is experiencing health problems. 

“Claims have been introduced in the effect of false rumours declaring an unknown illness. It [is] a cause of concern wherein such rumours have caused prejudice and harm to the character, personality and psychological wellbeing of Mr Thanyane,” it read.

His legal representative said they will take action against anyone who makes false claims about his wellbeing. 

“Henceforth, clarity and discretion shall be applied before any false commentary is expressed, it is therefore our client's intention to ensue legal action in future should any individual or entity lodge defamatory comments.”

This comes after the amapiano star trended on social media for seeming to have lost weight.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Jobe said the viral video was taken months ago and that he had tuberculosis, but had recovered. 

“It was taken early 2021 and I was sick at the time. I was struggling with tuberculosis but I have recovered and I'm better now ... If fans were to see me right now, they would see I'm OK.”