Boity Thulo refuses to be shamed for her desire for the 'soft life'

03 September 2021 - 12:00 By Joy Mphande
Boity Thulo says she's destined to live a 'soft life.'
Boity Thulo says she's destined to live a 'soft life.'
Image: Instagram/ Boity Thulo

If there's any celebrity that we can all agree works hard, it's Boity Thulo. The rapper and entrepreneur has come a long way in her career and will set straight anyone who bashes her for openly enjoying her success. 

The rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday, saying that having stayed in a hotel where renowned and affluent international celebrities had visited assured her that she was in the right place.

Knowing that I’ve stayed in the same hotel as Gaga, Brad Pitt, Iman, Princess Diana reminds me that the soft life is my portion! It’s where I belong! That all.” she wrote. 

While many tweeps on Twitter attempted to shame her for openly expressing her desire to live a luxurious life the rapper responded to the backlash saying that she would not allow anyone to shame her for it.

“Please don’t shame me for wanting to live the softest life. We all deserve it!” she wrote. “The soft life is my portion! Wealth enjoys my company!” she added.

The rapper made it a point to remind trolls that her desire for soft life doesn't mean she's vain, echoing one of her fans who said she always lends a helping hand.

Apart from having a budding rapping career, Boity Thulo has launched a hair care range, perfume and an alcoholic beverage which has cemented her name both in the entertainment and business space, and there's still more that's she wants to achieve.

“I have a couple of vision boards. When the visions become bigger and your aspirations change, and you feel like you've achieved certain things, you feel like now it's time to put the universe to the ultimate test with more,” she told TshisaLIVE.