Connie Fergusons goes back to work - 'grateful' for her Ferguson Films family

14 September 2021 - 13:00
Connie Ferguson has gone back to work following her husband Shona's death.
Connie Ferguson has gone back to work following her husband Shona's death.
Image: Instagram/Connie Ferguson

Six weeks after the death of her husband Shona Ferguson, actress and co-founder of Ferguson Films, Connie Ferguson has gone back to work to fulfil the promise she made when she buried him to keep his legacy alive.

Shona died at Milpark Hospital on July 30 due to Covid-19 complications.

Connie took to Instagram to share her feelings on her first day back and a brief video showing her office filled with balloons and flowers to welcome her.

Team #thequeen #fergusonfilms, I love you all so much! Thank you for today.”

The actress said it felt good to be back and she was ready to get more wins.

“It’s good to do what you love knowing it’s for a purpose bigger than yourself. I’m grateful that we continue to walk this journey together, and all our wins and victories are to the glory of the almighty God. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

At Shona's memorial service, Connie promised to take Ferguson Films and the legacy they created together to the very top.

“If you think Ferguson Films is great ... know that Ferguson Films is great because that is my husband's legacy and it is going to continue going from strength to strength if I have anything to do with it!” she vowed.

His daughters, Lesedi and Ali, and grandson Ro, also promised to make him proud.