Hold up! what? Nadia Nakai trends after Vic Mensa shows off his new 'bae'

22 September 2021 - 14:00
Fans feel that Vic Mensa has moved on too quickly from his relationship with Nadia Nakai.
Fans feel that Vic Mensa has moved on too quickly from his relationship with Nadia Nakai.
Image: Instagram/ Nadia Nakai

The internet is a mess after US musician Vic Mensa posted a video of himself with his supposed new bae less than a month after Mzansi found out that he broke up with SA rapper Nadia Nakai.

Those who wholeheartedly loved Nadia and Vic as a couple were left heartbroken after Nadia confirmed their break-up earlier this month.

So when fans spotted a video posted to the U Mad hitmaker Vic's Instagram story, wherein he seemed to celebrating his new flame, they had a hard time understanding.

In the video, Vic can be seen out and about all cuddled up with a woman, who evidently isn't Nadia.

Here's the viral video clip below:

With the video sending fans into a tizz, many took to social shook over Vic's supposed new bae. Fans were in disbelief that the US musician had moved on from his relationship with Mzansi's Bragga so “soon”.

Vic has not confirmed if the clip is part of a music video, a PR stunt or is a reel from his real life.

Even so, Nadia landed up on the Twitter trends list, with the peanut gallery sharing their thoughts on Vic moving on from her.

“Haibo this guy was dating Nadia 5 minutes ago,” exclaimed one user.

However, some felt that it was time for the stars to move on and fans should sip their tea and mind their business.

Check out their reactions here:

Though Mzansi was rooting for the pair, Nadia revealed that they had broken up. In an episode of Truth or Drink with media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, the Naaa Meaan rapper revealed that she and Vic's relationship had come to an end.

“We broke up, but it's fine, it doesn’t matter,” she said. 

The pair linked up when Vic sent her a direct message on Instagram and they later took the conversation to WhatsApp, worked on a song together and then met in Ghana for the first time when they shot the music video for Practice

In an interview with Slikour in July, Nadia spoke of the struggles of being in a long distance relationship and how they made it work.

“I never would have considered a long distance relationship if it wasn't with him. I can never trust him fully because a man is a man ... he's used to not having a sexual relationship with someone for years because he did that at a time in his life where he needed to ... I know how hard it is to be in a long distance relationship and I know that there's a chance that he might be hooking up with someone else, I must just never find out,” she said.

“I feel like our connection has been so strong, and so amazing and so exciting and informative ... I like the fact that I'm dating someone I can learn from.”