Refilwe Modiselle gives flowers to people who helped her get where she is

23 September 2021 - 08:00
By Joy Mphande
Refilwe Modiselle on having a supportive circle through her journey in the entertainment industry.
Image: Instagram/ Refilwe Modiselle Refilwe Modiselle on having a supportive circle through her journey in the entertainment industry.

She's made her mark as SA's first successful model living with albinism, an actress and activist. Throughout Refilwe Modiselle's journey she's collected many accolades while taking notable strides, and today a digital series as part of the My People My Everything campaign with Metropolitan.

“I understood my purpose at an early age, where I could make sense of the impact I was making through the work and things I was accomplishing. Being able to sit down with people who are sound in mind and spirit can also help you discern your life's mission,” she told TshisaLIVE.

If you follow Refilwe's journey it's easy to see her family has been very instrumental in being a firm support structure and safe space for her. 

“Having a family like mine by my side has always motivated to me to strive to be the best person I can be. They are my anchor in this entire life journey. Something every person needs in building a firm sense of self without having to seek validation from the outside.”

There are more people who have contributed towards her journey, and the digital series broadcast on Metropolitan's Facebook page and website gives us a glimpse at her inner sacred circle as she pays homage to them.

“I keep a very close knit tribe and have the honour of sharing just a bit of them with the world. People such as Ausi Tshidi Mataeka, who has been our housekeeper for 19 years but goes far beyond that in inheriting the role of playing my second mom. Then there's one of my best friends, Father Thabang Nkadimeng, who I've been friends with from childhood, and my talent manager Nakhane Precious Magoswana, who has also gone far beyond the call of duty and is loved like a sister.”

At just 11 years old, Refilwe lost one of the dominant voices she'd had growing up when she watched her father die, but said she makes sure to honour him in everything she does as he's still a part of her. 

“Naturally I (we) [she and her family] miss dad in every milestone of our lives because he was such an incredible soul, which made it hard to never forget him, but I know how proud he is and celebrates from the heavens. In growing and receiving divine understanding one also comes to terms with his absence as being a bigger motivation to honour his name and continue to push through.”