3 spicy clap backs from Anele Mdoda that made her bag a win after trolls came for her

24 September 2021 - 16:00
By Deepika Naidoo
Anele Mdoda has served some spicy clap backs this year!
Image: Instagram/Anele Anele Mdoda has served some spicy clap backs this year!

With tweeps constantly in her mentions about Kelly Rowland or her fiery attitude, Anele has served some clap backs of note when defending herself from nasty comments.

No stranger to the ways of Twitter, personality and TV presenter Anele has reminded followers that she is not one to be messed with on the TL. From Kelly Rowland's bathing suit to trending on the reg, here are some of Anele's most spicy clap backs that left the TL in a mess.

'Ugly without make up' jabs

Back in 2019 when there was no pandemic or Covid-19 in sight, Anele made her infamous comment about Kelly Rowland. When chats on the TL about Destiny's Child were heating up on the TL, she suggested that Kelly was not as good looking as many people believed. Anele added that Kelly only “looks amazing with makeup” and shared a picture of Kelly with and without it.

The tweet came back to haunt her on several occasions, such as when tweeps decided to flip the script and tell Anele that she looked ugly without any make up on. 

However, the star wasn't willing to take the comment lying down and dished out a lesson for the tweeps.

“It's a life lesson for you as well. Just because someone insults you, you have no need to be insulted. Don't take offence. Leave it on the buffet table,” said Anele.

“I like to trend”

Keeping the haunting Kelly comment in mind, tweeps often bring Anele up in the chats when the US singer makes headlines. After posting a snap of herself looking fine as hell earlier this year, the 947 host subsequently landed on the trending charts, with people coming back to her comment about Kelly supposedly only looking good with make up on.

Catching wind of the masses chatting about her, Anele said she was more than happy to trend for any reason, as she raked in the big bucks every time the TL had a bone to pick with her. 

She stood by her stance that Beyoncé was prettier than Kelly when considering the looks of the Destiny's Child members.

“No. I like to trend. Keeps the bills paid. And she isn't prettier than Beyoncé soooooo I would be lying. Have a good life,” she tweeted.

The yellow swimming suit saga

After taking a trip to the Mother City this year, Anele innocently posted a snap of herself sipping champagne and enjoying the views. 

Possibly by coincidence, Kelly Rowland was spotted in the same or similar yellow bathing suit on a beach holiday. This led to Mzansi speculating that Kelly knows of Anele's comments and was coming for her with the snap, landing both Kelly and Anele on the trending list.

Responding to the mess on the TL, the star said that as long as she is still in broadcasting, she has no troubles in the world and certainly isn't bothered by the conversations about her.

“Don’t worry about me and whether I am worried about how you think I look world, I say world because clearly I am that much of a big deal. The only time I will be hurt is when you say I am not GREAT at my job and as we all know... not one of you can say that. Happy weekend,” she wrote.

And just to prove her point ... here's another W she just bagged!

Anele was announced as your host with the most for this year's Miss SA pageant, after a long weekend of fighting off trolls.