Doja Cat calls for help to end ‘devastating hunger crisis’ in Africa

27 September 2021 - 10:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Rapper Doja Cat  hoped to raise awareness through her tweet.
Image: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images Rapper Doja Cat hoped to raise awareness through her tweet.

Doja Cat has taken to social media to raise awareness about the “devastating hunger crisis” in Africa to her more than 3.5 million global followers.

The star, daughter of Yizo Yizo actor Dumisani Dlamini, has made a name for herself as one of the biggest artists in the world. 

She brought it back to her roots this past weekend when she took to Twitter with an emotional plea for help.

“Some of my fans may not know this: I'm half South African, specifically from Durban, and the continent of Africa is experiencing a devastating hunger crisis,” she wrote.

She said the crisis had been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic and painted a grim picture.

“It’s heartbreaking to know the Covid-19 pandemic has left 41-million people on the brink of starvation.”

She encouraged her fans to “take action” by writing to the chair of the G20 to urge  member countries to act as part of a Global Citizen initiative.

“Let’s send a tidal wave of emails to the chair of the G20 urging member countries to act — together we can help millions,” the pledge said.

A template for the mail reads: “It is not a secret that Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the world and plunged millions more families into extreme poverty. Alarming new data has confirmed the magnitude of the hunger crisis and urgent support is needed to reach those most at risk.

“Today, 41-million people are on the brink of starvation. These are vulnerable individuals whose access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food is beyond their reach, and many will lose their lives.

“Humanitarian organisations such as the World Food Programme estimate $6bn is needed to scale up life-saving food and emergency programmes to help the most vulnerable populations, including young children and pregnant women. They face enormous funding gaps and need your help.

“As members of the G20 we urge you to help avert this crisis by giving big to help those most in need.”

So far 9,026 have taken the action, with an initial goal of 20,000 actions set.