Moozlie chats about her friendship with DJ Zinhle & doing reality TV

30 September 2021 - 08:00
By Joy Mphande
Moozlie opens up about her friendship with DJ Zinhle.
Image: Supplied Moozlie opens up about her friendship with DJ Zinhle.

You might know Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena as a rapper and media personality, but she is also expanding her portfolio as a reality TV star since joining the cast of DJ Zinhle's reality show on BET, Unexpected

With the reality show giving fans a glimpse into her friendship with DJ Zinhle, Moozlie tells TshisaLIVE that it also highlights how well they balance their work and personal relationship.

“Generally our conversations just go back to work, especially where Era is concerned, because we're both just super obsessed with jewellery ... [We have] conversations about growing yourself, elevating yourself, which is why our friendships are so strong and we're able to grow together in the way that we do. It doesn't sound weird when you tell your friends your dream ... we just try to be there for each other and learn from each other,” she says.

“It's really important that you have good relations with people, because ultimately we are all businesses, so we need make sure that we can leverage our networks ... it's good to have a boss on speed dial.”

Through watching the show and following Moozlie on social media, people have come to know her as Auntie Mooz' because of the roles she plays in the lives of her friends' children.

“Thando [Pearl Thusi's daughter] is a little bit older now so she's aware ... Kairo is just Kairo ... It's very interesting and funny to watch her grow up in this world where she is iconic and she doesn't know ... I love being an auntie, because it's just a few hours then I can send them home,” she chuckles.

Speaking of the experience of having to document portions of her life while on the reality show, Moozlie told TshisaLIVE she's found it a reflective and blissful process.

“I'm obsessed with reality TV ... Being a part of shooting the reality show has been very introspective ... I think you kind of look at your life, the way things happen and why they happen ... it's a lot of work but a lot of fun as well,” she said.