Mmatema G drops truths for expecting mothers: Don’t feel pressured by social media

06 October 2021 - 07:00
By Joy Mphande
Mmatema speaks up about reality versus the pressures of social media.
Image: Instagram/ Mmatema Gavu Mmatema speaks up about reality versus the pressures of social media.

Gospel star Mmatema Gavu, nee Moremi, has taken to Instagram to warn about the pressures of social media. 

Taking to Instagram this week, Mmatema spoke up about the pressures some expecting mothers put on themselves.

"There’s this saying when you are pregnant 'o ska it itisa/ungaziyeki' (direct translation 'don’t let go of yourself') and this simply means you must dress up, doll up, girl, do your hair, look pretty etc. But listen, it is all fiction! It is all unnecessary pressure," she wrote. 

Mmatema warned her fans not to be deceived by the false narrative that people portray on social media, especially how to dress during your pregnancy.

"With all the changes you go through, inside and out, rolling out of bed nje is a mission. So the last thing you want to do is compare yourself to the pictures we post here. Half the time we don't look like this! Ask our husbands or anybody we live with."

The singer said there were truths many people did not display. 

"Remember I might be typing this from my bed in my PJs with a doek on, a swollen face and having my husband rub my back. Mommies, enjoy your pregnancy. Enjoy this journey, embrace the changes and remember to pray always. Pray for what you want! I literally pray for everything I want to see happen."

The singer has been sharing her pregnancy journey on Instagram and her YouTube channel, most recently announcing she and her partner are expecting a baby girl. 

“With our first child, he wanted a girl and I wanted a boy. God gave us a boy. This time around, he wants a girl again. I wouldn’t mind being a soccer mom. I think I’ve been around girls too much and he’s been around boys too much. We already have a name for a girl. I think Ethan [their first born son] would love a baby sister. He’s already over-protective.” she said.