DJ Tira's fans defend him after some tweeps discount his contribution to SA music

12 October 2021 - 11:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
DJ Tira landed on the Twitter trends list on Tuesday.
Image: Supplied DJ Tira landed on the Twitter trends list on Tuesday.

DJ Tira landed on the Twitter trends list on Tuesday and tweeps debate his relevance and merit of his contributions in SA music.

The debate was sparked by a random tweet from a tweep who decided to compare DJ Black Coffee, DJ Maphorisa, Kabza de Small and Tira. The tweep asked people to delete one out of the four big names.

Comparison in not new on the TL and tweeps pin artists against each other all the time. While many felt like the tweep was comparison apples to potatoes, it was Tira's name that topped the trends list as most people opted to “delete” him and therefore summoned his fans to come defend his honour.

Tweeps that touched by people essentially discrediting Tira's work in the industry filled the TL with their opinions.

I can understand why a 2k (kid born in the 2000s) would discredit Tira's work, they're young and they're the drivers of the piano wave, but if you're over 30, ufuna ukubukwa (you just want to be seen) cause you know exactly what DJ Tira has done for the music industry and that can never be taken away from him,give the man his flowers!” said one tweep in Tira's defence.

“Tira shouldn't be compared with DJs that are still very much active in the industry. compare him with abo Oskido, DJ Cleo nabo DJ Sbu,” said another tweep who implied that Tira ought to be given OG status.

“Tira has opened so many doors for other people in the industry, please respect him,” added another tweep.

Here are the other reactions that landed Tira on the trends list: