Thandy Matlaila makes TV comeback on ‘Die Sentrum’ after 'difficult' hiatus

12 October 2021 - 08:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Thandy Matlaila has stopped sweating about the small stuff.
Image: Veli Nhlapo Thandy Matlaila has stopped sweating about the small stuff.

When you don't see Thandy Matlaila in productions on TV, it's not because she was snubbed but because they couldn't afford her, and that's the narrative she prefers to live by.

With a career in showbiz that spans more than 15 years, she is letting go of sweating about the small stuff and is focusing on the positive.

Thandy told TshisaLIVE there's no longer a need to prove herself to directors and producers.

“If you don't know my work it is fine. I'm not offended. Maybe I was never what you were looking for. I know it takes a lot, especially if you don't have any money coming in. It is really hard to stand your ground.”

One of the lessons that have helped the Die Sentrum actress stay grounded is to not take anything personally.

“Over the years I've learnt to stop putting myself in the centre of people's problems. When I didn't get a role before, I would worry about who would cast me.

"I would say I'm not good enough. Now I'm making it about that they probably can't afford me and I move right along.”

The 34-year old recently partnered with Momentum Ensure to produce a web series called Let Go, Lets Go. She was given an obstacle course to help tackle her anxiety  and need for control. 

The saying "wellness is the new wealth" rings true for the actress. She has her Wellness on Wednesdays video sessions on Instagram and these keep her in check of her mental health journey. She suffers from anxiety, and the constant meet ups on her channel ground her.

“I’ve always been into wellness and fitness and running for the past 15 to 16 years."

Every year she adds a different element to her journey.

"Over three years I shifted from fitness to wellness. I realised people can have great bodies but not necessarily wellness.

"I started to explore holistic wellness in the sense of mental wellness, physical wellness and spiritual wellness. `That’s when my Wellness on Wednesdays show started.”

The multi -talented actress is working on a project that's strictly hush-hush, but TshisaLIVE has it on good authority that it is coming to an SABC channel. It is one of those love-hate relationships between brides and mother-in-laws.

“I've turned down a lot of productions this year,  I felt like they know my work, how are they still offering me this?

She seems sure of her decision to be firm in what she believes.

“Stop casting people because they are cheaper. Cast them because they have talent. If not, producers and directors need take no offence when artists say no.”

Thandi said what keeps her feet firmly on the ground is knowing her identity.

“I don't live in the industry. The industry must live in me. The industry doesn't make me. Once I came to that realisation, I made peace with decisions  I made and continue to make.