Bonang Matheba's fans rally behind her as 'fight' with CSA Global kicks off

13 October 2021 - 07:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
The B-Force rally behind Matheba as she is getting ready for a fight.
Image: Instagram/Bonang Matheba via Andrew Morales The B-Force rally behind Matheba as she is getting ready for a fight.

Bonang Matheba left the TL chaotic on Tuesday after she announced that she's about to enter the battlefield with her former management company, CSA Global.

Bonang's big announcement was her departure from the management company that she has been affiliated to for years. In her statement, the media personality alleged that she was leaving because of possible criminal misconduct.

The company a issued their own statement to TshisaLIVE moments later, saying that they were ready to prove that Bonang's allegations “have no merit” in court.

Having left the TL hyped up the day before she shared the statement, tweeps had their reminders ready and tuned in on time for Bonang's Twitter Space.

The space had 15k listeners after 10 minutes and eventually crashed before B could finish her announcement.

Bonang topped the Twitter trends list after the less than 60 seconds announcement as tweeps shared their opinions on her situation and reacted to the chaos her announcement left the TL in. 

While Bonang's fans and other industry peers have to wait for the matter to play out in court, they have already pledged their allegiance to Bonang.

Other tweeps were left shook by Bonang's star power which was evident in the number of people she pulled for her Twitter space.

Here are some of the reactions: