LOL! Khanyi Mbau hints at a remix to her 'Shiyi'indoda eDubai' song

15 October 2021 - 10:00 By Constance Gaanakgomo
Khanyi Mbau is working on a 'Shi'Indoda e Dubai' remix.
Khanyi Mbau is working on a 'Shi'Indoda e Dubai' remix.
Image: Khanyi Mbau/Instagram

Mzansi socialite and actress Khanyi Mbau is riding the wave of Shiyi'Indoda e Dubai while it's still hot, even though her popular chant no longer rings true.

The actress was the talk of the town when she ditched her beau in Dubai without an explanation last month. The media personality then returned to Kudzai Mushonga's loving arms like nothing happened. 

A song was born out of all this drama called Shiyi'Indoda e Dubai , which left Mzansi shook.

To ride on the momentum, Khanyi has added another twist to this Dubai story.

The singer is spending some time in the studio but is tight-lipped about who she might be working with when she took to her Instagram stories to drop hints that she is working on the remix of the initial 'Shiyi'indoda eDubai song with Sir Trill.

The song was charting the trends list from the first time it hit, because there was also a bit of a hype.

However, tweeps do not seem impressed by the idea of a remix ...

Even though she's living it up in Dubai — glad to be away from SA problems like load-shedding, the actress has been working hard to grow her business and ensuring her name is always relevant in the entertainment industry.

The actress will be on Netflix soon with Happiness Ever After, where she is reprising her previous role as Zaza on the film.